BALANCE BETWEEN Exercise and nutrition

Healthy lifestyle is one of the guidelines that will get you to a healthy lifestyle, next to enough movement and awareness. 

 Do you want to optimize your performance? Nutrition is in every aspect a determining factor.

Together we decide your goal and look at your daily needs. Then we make a program on your daily needs witch our guidance, and we will do everything together to hit your goals!

The knock of the hammer!

An athlete may have the best coach, physiotherapist, sports doctor, etc., but what if you get "the knock of the hammer" during one of your most important sports achievements?
The optimal diet of an athlete depends on the duration and intensity of the sport, the training times, the desired body weight and the sport season.

Good sports nutrition is therefore a well-balanced diet. That means that all nutrients are present in the right proportion. What you eat will determine every day how you feel, how you perform and how you recover.

We help you on your way to suitable sports nutrition.


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